Why Bostana

Bostana frozen vegetables & fruits foods 
a long way from the field to the freezer Our state of the art process flows as follows

1. Cultivation for vegetables before picking .

2. Pick vegetables from fields .
3. Supply of row material to plant
4. Rinsing to remove soil and grit to wash a way foreign objects.
5. Blanching for several minutes at 95º in order to stop enzyme activates & kill microbes
  • To preserve natural color.
  • To prevent changes in taste.
  • using de-ironed & decalcified water ( no biological pollution )
6. Cooling immediately after blanching using water at 5ºc to prepare for faster freezing to ensure better quality.
7. Freezing in flow freezer or blast freezer according to the product
8.Bulk storage to ensure all year round delivery independent of season.
9.Foreign body protection. 
“A combination of magnets, metal detectors & electronic scanning machines are used to eliminate the risk of foreign elements “

10. Bulk storage at 18 - ºc to ensure well freezing till loading containers to reach the customers in perfect condition.


The entire production process is monitored with a series of important & detailed cheeks these include as the iso industry standard control as well as some comprehensive checking producers which BOSTANA food imposes upon self.


Daily working in Bostana Laboratory


Water Examinations :

We take a sample from the water of the city , chiller , boiler or more daily to exam it for :

  1. T.D.S
  2. PH
  3. CL
  4. Hardens
  5. 5.SO3 (for Boiler only)
  6. ( Alkalinity )

We take a sample weakly for microbiological examinations :

  1. M.P.N
  2. T.B.C
  3. Coliform
Hygienic Examination :
  • Fingerprint from workers
  • Swabs from each places and machine.

Vegetables frozen Examination :

  1. One or more sample daily
  2. T.B.C
  3. Mould &Yeast
  4. Coli form
  5. E. Coli
  6. Staph aurous

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